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Osteoporosis is a common condition of fragile bone that increases the risk of fracture. In this condition, bones become brittle and lead to a higher risk of breakage as compared to the normal bones. The condition of osteoporosis is commonly called as "porous bone". Osteoporosis happens when bones lose calcium more quickly and the body does not have additional calcium to replace, causing a loss of bone density.

How common is this condition?

Approximately, 57 million Americans face osteoporosis every year. Almost one in every four men and one in every two women, above the age of 50 years will face the problem of breakage bone called osteoporosis.

Bone mass starts decreasing after the age of 35 years. Loss of bone is more common in women after menopause.

What causes osteoporosis?

There are various reasons that increase the likelihood of osteoporosis, that include bone shape and structure, fracture and genetic history, etc. Other factors such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, malabsorption problems, overactive parathyroid gland and rheumatoid arthritis are the major reasons that cause osteoporosis. 

What are the common symptoms of this disorder?

Some of the common symptoms are a loss of height over time, bone fractures, a stooped posture, stains, bone loss that develops slowly, stains and breaks that take place in the wrist, spine or hip.

How can you prevent Osteoporosis?

It is necessary to maintain your bones healthy by following some simple and healthy lifestyle such as doing regular exercise, avoid smoking, reducing excess intake of alcohol, consuming a healthy diet that contains calcium and vitamin D.

The risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures are reduced with the help of anti-osteoporosis medications. Medications such as Fosamax,   Evista,   Actonel, Ibrandronic Acid tablets, and Bonviva are very much effective and are helpful to strengthen bones by restoring the balance of bone remodeling.









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