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Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Device

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What is Novolizer Inhalation device?

Novolizer Inhalation device comes with Budesonide as active component in a powder form which is aggregated to lactose. Novolizer dry powder inhalation device (Budesonide) is indicated to help asthmatic and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. It comes with a cartridge of the Novolizer (Budesonide) consisting different dosages of the active substance of the medication.

Novolizer dry powder inhalation device (Budesonide) comes with handful operation and provides a reliable and convenient source for user to prevent asthmatic attacks.


What is the essential medication information associated with Novolizer Inhalation device?

Novolizer device (Budesonide) can be prescribed to asthmatic patients of almost all ages. Even it can be used by elderly as well as pediatric patients without any complication in case of severe lung disease. It can be easily activated and as device comes in action it instantly works to reduce intrinsic airflow resistance. This dry powder inhalation device by Novolizer has several feedback mechanisms to help in providing the appropriate dose to patient. Applying inhaler with apt technique and good lung deposition contributes to ensure consistent efficacy of an inhaled steroid.

What are the precautions for reducing risks associated with Novolizer Inhalation device use?

Please check with your doctor before starting treatment with this dry powder inhalation device if you have any of the following health problems:

  • any heart or circulatory disorder or recently survived a heart attack or angina,
  • suffering from high blood pressure problem,
  • diagnosed with an aneurysm (dilation or swelling of a blood vessel),
  • an overactive thyroid gland,
  • diabetic disorder,
  • tumor around kidney or phaeochromocytoma, or
  • going to have a surgery requiring a general anaesthetic.


What are the possible side effects of Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device?

  • Urticaria,
  • Rash,
  • Dermatitis,
  • Pruritus,
  • Erythema,
  • Oral mucosal irritation,
  • Swallowing difficult,
  • Hoarseness,
  • Cough

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