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How to Order

Want to Place an Order?

Two ways to do that:

Order online

This is the best way to go about placing an order when you need a quick delivery but also need to choose the best drug option. Go online at the website <website address>:

    Type in the name of your required medicine, active ingredient or condition being treated and search for the appropriate option from our online database which has exhaustive drug information blogs and descriptions about every medicine in our inventory.

    If you need more than one medicine, then repeat this process for each of them and add each choice to your shopping cart with its relevant dosage and numbers required.

    New customers must fill in their details in a registration form, the first time that they shop with us. Repeat customers can log in and proceed to checkout.

    Choose a convenient payment method and make the payment carefully.

    An order takes about 24 hours to be readied for shipping.


Call and place an order

Call and register your orders after getting all the right information, with our customer care executives on <toll free number> which is available round the clock, 365 days.



Email your order to us at <email-address>