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Femara Generic Fempro Letrozole

Femara Generic Fempro Letrozole


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Why Femara is the best drug for treating breast malignancy: Femara keeps estrogen in normal level among postmenopausal women, estrogen is the essential requirement for growth breast tumors. Femara lessens the quantity of estrogen in the body and so stops breast malignancy.

How Femara acts in the body: Letrozole causes inhibition of aromatase enzyme which is responsible for the excess of estrogens. Aromatase enzyme causes conversion of androgens into estrogens. This process of conversion is called aromatization. Excess of estrogens causes breast cancer. Femara helps in preventing the formation of estrogen thereby curing breast malignancy.

Contraindication: Never use this drug if you are suffering from blood vessel disorder in brain, liver disease, dizziness, high quantity of bilirubin in the blood, a breastfeeding mother, decreased calcification, abnormal liver, high cholesterol, blood clot and osteoporosis. Never use Femara if you are not still out of the menstrual cycle. Strictly discontinue the use if you are taking Tamoxifen also. Not to be taken in pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers.

Drug interaction: Never use drug combination like Aspirin, Metformin, Omeprazole, Lorazepam, Metoprolol, Simvastatin, Lipitor, Celebrex, Lisinopril, Vitamin D3 and Nexium etc.

Most probable side effects: Common side effects may include: hot flashes, warmth in your face, muscle/joint pain, increased sweating, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, tired feeling, redness, swelling, and weight gain.

Storage instructions: Keep away from the reach of children. Store in cool place away from humidity and direct sunlight.

Dosing schedule: Take one 2.5 mg tablet once daily. You can take this drug with water. If you forgot to take your drug then do not double the dose at a time, just follow the schedule from the very next day.

Precautions to be taken: Be careful when you are driving because it may impair your thinking. Letrozole can easily pass through body fluids like urine, vomit, faeces. Do not take an excess of its dose. Frequent mineral test and blood test are compulsory. Do not stop its usage without doctor's advice.

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