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Dental Care

Dental care-

Keep your teeth neat and clean is one of the first duty of every individual. Dental care means oral hygiene to keep your mouth and teeth clean and hygienic to protect from any gum disease, oral cavity, tooth decay, periodontal disease (pyria).

Tooth decay, cavity, and gum diseases are generally caused by plaque i.e. sticky combination of bacteria and food. After 20 minutes of intake of food, if you don't wash your mouth, then plaque will start to deposit and leads to tooth decay. If plaque is not treated at its initial stage then it turns into a hard deposit and it damages your life of teeth. A variety of problems occurs after plaque like cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, abscesses, pain and swelling of gums.

Dental care is mandatory for prevent from tooth decay, dental cavity, gum disease, bad breath, cold sores, the sensitivity of teeth and pyria.

To avoid dental problems, you should adopt certain point's like-

  • Brush your teeth twice (morning or night)
  • Always use a Fluoride containing paste, to prevent tooth decay and cavities
  • Use mouth wash to clean your mouth
  • Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue
  • Avoid high sugar containing food
  • Avoid use of tobacco, nicotine products and

Various kinds of drugs are available for treating oral problems like Peridex (generic Chlorhexidine) and Kenalog (generic Triamcinolone Acetonide).  


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