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Buy Saizen HGH 10IU Injection - Generic SOMATROPIN HGH 10IU

Buy Saizen HGH 10IU Injection - Generic SOMATROPIN HGH 10IU


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WHY WE SHOULD USE SAIZEN: Saizen is used to improve growth in patients who lack Somatropin. Saizen is used in patients with turner syndrome, noonan syndrome, prader-willi syndrome, kidney failure. Saizen is used to cure short bowel syndrome and weight loss in patients suffering from AIDS. Due to a genetic disorder, some people have short stature by birth, which can be solved with the use of Saizen (Somatropin) hgh 10 i.u.

HOW IT WORKS: When Somatropin binds with human growth hormone (receptors), it causes activation of GHR associated JAK2 tyrosine kinase. These  activate molecules like MAP Kinase, insulin receptor substrates, intracellular calcium, stat transcription factors and protein kinase C, which causes changes in transport function, enzymatic activity, gene expression and causes growth and development.

SOME DON'T: Contraindicated in patients who suffers from brain tumor, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, pancreatitis, morbid obesity, high blood pressure, lung failure, recent operation, middle ear high blood sugar, scoliosis function, and abnormal function of adrenal glands etc. Convey your doctor if you are taking steroid medicine, insulin, and birth control pills.

POSSIBLE DRUG-DRUG INTERACTION: Some drugs which affect the mode of action of the drug are Azithromycin, Progesterone, Alprazolam, Adderall, Lasix, Levothyroxine, Testosterone, Nexium, Oxycodone, and Tramadol etc.

STORAGE REQUIREMENT: Do not store in hot and humid conditions. Keep away from the reach of small children.

DOSING SCHEME TO BE FOLLOWED: Inject 10 I.U by subcutaneous route three times per week.

Missed dose: Do not double the dose as it can be harmful. If you miss the dose then consult your physician.

Overdose: Excess of dosing can lead to tremors, nausea, drowsiness, headache, and cold sweats.

VARIOUS POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Side effects with the use of Saizen are insomnia, thirst, confusion, swelling, sneezing, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, skin rashes and seizures etc.

WARNINGS TO BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED: Strictly shun its usage if you are hyper allergic to this drug. Patients suffering from cancer, brain lesion, and diabetic retinopathy should withdraw its usage. Some children suffer from closed growth plates disorder, Saizen is completely banned in those children. 


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