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Buy Norethindrone Acetate 5mg Tablets Online

Buy Norethindrone Acetate 5mg Tablets Online

Generic Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

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Brief Overview About Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

Norethindrone Acetate 5mg is extensively employed by the females for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Norethindrone Acetate 5mg contains Progesterone as a main active constituent, which is a female hormone. It is a single Progestin pill only, so that's why it is known as Mini-pill. Norethindrone prevents the process of ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary).

Norethindrone changes the cervical fluid and uterine lining, creates lots of difficulty for sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to bind to the uterus. Apart from prevention of pregnancy, Norethindrone is also indicated to treat menstrual disorders, endometriosis or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Contraindications of Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

Don't consume Norethindrone in case of-

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Progesterone
  • In case of abnormal vaginal bleeding or postmenopausal
  • If you have a history of blood clotting problem, severe blood clots (lungs, legs and eyes)
  • Blood vessel disease
  • Low liver functions

Drugs interactions of Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

Certain drugs may interact with Norethindrone-

  • Carbamazepine, Phenobarbital and Phenytoin
  • Corticosteroids like Dexamethasone and Prednisone
  • Theophylline or Troleandomycin
  • Beta-adrenergic blockers like Atenolol, Propranolol

Doses of Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

The dose for abnormal uterine bleeding- A female should take 2.5mg to 10mg via the oral route with a glassful of water. This medicine should be continued up to 5to10 days at the time of second half of the menstrual cycle.

Dose for endometriosis- The initial recommended dose of Norethindrone is 5mg. Norethindrone tablet should be administered via the oral cavity with plenty of water. It should be taken only one time in a day for first two weeks. Norethindrone therapy should be strictly continued up to 6to9 months.

Detrimental effects of Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

Adverse effects of Norethindrone include edema, breast tenderness, irregular menstrual cycle, weight change, severe headache, depression and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Special Safety Precautions While Taking Norethindrone Acetate 5mg

  • Girls under the age of 17 years should not take this drug.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant females should avoid the intake of this drug.
  • Don't skip any dose of Norethindrone because missing any dose of Norethindrone may increase the risk of pregnancy.
  • Use back up birth control such as condom or spermicides while using this drug.
  • Don't consume any antibiotic with Norethindrone as it may affect the therapeutic action of Norethindrone.
  • Don't smoke while using this drug as it may increase the risk of blood clots, stroke and heart attack.

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