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Use Careprost Eye Drop: The Best Solution for Attractive Eyes

7/20/16  |  Eye Care

Almost every woman has common wish for long and beautiful eyelashes and for that reason females uses various types of eye products. Long and thick eyelashes are related to the beauty of females. Evidence suggests that females used mascara, eyeliner, artificial eyelash extension and other natural products in eyelashes for better appearance. Eye plays a major role to look someone beautiful, attractive and pleasant. Many females are very lucky when they have naturally long, thick, black and jet like eyelashes which gains attention. But some females gradually loses their eyelashes as the age increases. The decreased eyelashes feel her less attractive as well as less beautiful. When she has to attend the party, hesitates and feels awkward and nervous because of lack of self-confidence about beauty and appearance. She thinks more aged about herself.

No need to worry; use Careprost eye drop, a highly praised medication to increase natural long, thick, and black eyelashes. The multipurpose advantage of Careprost includes open-angle glaucoma and Hypotrichosis.


Careprost contains Bimatoprost as an active constituent that is extensively used for longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. It is also used for the treatment of ocular hypertension and to treat open-angle glaucoma. Careprost (Bimatoprost) belongs to category of artificial analogue of prostaglandin. It increases the analog phase of hair during hair growth. It  works  to  enhance  the  aqueous  humour  in  the  eye and  decreases intraocular pressure. Enhanced  IOP- Intra Ocular Pressure  may  cause  damage  to  the optic  nerve  fibers  resulting in  gradual  loss  of  sight,  starting  with  a  peripheral  vision  and eventually to total blindness in the eye. This medication helps to increase the removal of aqueous liquid out  of  the  eye  which  reduces  IOP  and  prevents  loss  of  sight.  Careprost increases eyelashes in very short period of time and shows very fewer side effects.

Method of application: For eyelashes use Careprost eye drop with the help of fine brush which is given with eye drop pack. Wash your hand and eye with face wash or soap before application for proper application. Draw a line on eyelashes by using a fine brush. Use continuously for 12 to 16 weeks to develop eyelashes.

While using this medication some common side effect may appear to the patient such as headache,  Changes  in  vision,  Darkening  of eyelashes and iris, dark circles around eyes, Infection, Dizziness, Itching, irritation,  enhanced  sensitivity  to  light,  red  eyes.

Follow some precautions while using

  • you should  not  use  if  you  have  liver  and  kidney  disease.
  • You should avoid using other drugs for the treatment of glaucoma or eyelashes while using this drug.
  • You should not touch the tip of container to avoid contamination.
  • You should not use this medication if you are allergic to active ingredient Bimatoprost. 
  • You should not drive just after use of this medication as you may feel blurred vision after applying this medication.
  • This drug should not be used for glaucoma or eyelashes at the same  time,  use  only  for  one  disease

Buy Careprost online to get natural long, thick, and black eyelashes from our drug store and get it delivered at your home. 

Author: James Smith

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