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Satisfy Your Partner with Pleasing Intimacy Using Erex

12/14/16  |  Erectile Dysfunction

You are a newly wedded man and your wife is very pretty and most beautiful girl you ever met in your life. You want to take out your wife at a most beautiful place for a honeymoon. You have planned your honeymoon at Switzerland. You have booked here honeymoon suite in Switzerland for you and your wife. You are very excited for your honeymoon. Finally, days come when you reached your honeymoon destination. Everything is going great, the weather is very cold there and you both are enjoying this weather. Snowfall is falling in Switzerland and you are with your wife, you are in the mood for romance with your pretty wife. A very romantic environment is there in your room, dim light, red roses in bed, and the champagne is placed on the very relaxing couch. Your wife comes to you wearing a very hot black dress, and sit on your lap. She serves you champagne and you both are enjoying your evening. After drinking wine your wife started kissing you on cheeks, forehead, and a warm kiss on your lips. You get excited, you hold your wife tightly, and you too started kissing him. You both get wild at that time and get involved in intimacy session. At the time of your wild intimacy, you feel that you are not getting a harder erection and you feel ashamed in front of your wife. You feel guilty in front of your wife for spoiling her romantic night. You share your problem with your wife, you both search for a medical option for this disorder, and you came to know about medicine named as Erex, you start taking this medication before being engaged in intimacy with your wife. After using this medicine, you feel amazing and you both enjoyed your honeymoon in the snowy weather of Switzerland.




Erex is very effective ED medication available in the market nowadays, for that man who is suffering from the issue of ED. Erex with the Sildenafil citrate, as the key working component is one of the best approaches to treating erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrates come under the category of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor and assist man in attaining hard erection by obstructing the PDE-5 enzyme and boost the blood flow by relaxing the vascular muscles. In this way, it deeds the man to conquer hard erection during intimacy.

The Erex is accessible in the market under the dose strength of 50 mg and 100 mg. Before you start with your treatment, it is desirable to, follow the instruction given by your medical doctor. The dose of Erex depends on the one's medical condition and his deeds towards drug response. Men have to consume a single dose of Erex with a glass full of water 1-hour before getting involved in intimacy session with his spouse. Men can ingest the medicament with or without food; it does not affect the drug activity. It shows its outcome within 30 minutes and lasts up to 4-5 hours. It takes a longer time to show its effect if taken with a heavy meal. You have to take only one dose within 24 hours.


Be attentive!

  • Men should not have to ingest Erex if they are allergic to Sildenafil citrate.
  • Use of Erex is contrary to some medical condition, which includes liver and kidney disease.
  •  Communicate with your doctor before taking Erex if suffering from blood and any heart disorder.
  • Do not take Erex, if you are on the treatment with the Nitrate containing medications.
  • Expenditure of alcohol and smoking is severely expelled while taking Erex.

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Author: James Smith

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