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RU-486: An Effective Medication for Complete Abortion

3/10/17  |  Women Health

I knew from the moment I revealed that I would not like to convey the pregnancy to term. However I was overpowered by pictures everywhere letting me know that it was "wrong" to consider abortion.


When I attempted to go to my friends for help, I was told they were "so energized" and couldn't wait for me to have a child.


My beau continued saying the love he needed a child. Nobody asked me what I needed. I felt ransacked of decision; similar to my body was being controlled by everybody except me.


My dreams of setting off for college and moving out were over in view of one error. At last, some sort of switch went off in my mind. I couldn't stand to care what other individuals thought. I needed my life back. On the off chance that is narrow minded, then I was willing to be egotistical. What sort of mother would I be, at any rate?


Finally I have decided for abortion. I used RU-486 for the termination of unwanted pregnancy. RU-486 is most amazing prescription accessible for the end of undesirable pregnancy. This medication ends pregnancy up to 7 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.


RU-486 contains Mifepristone as a main ingredient as a class of medication known as progesterone inhibitor. Progesterone is a characteristic hormone that is important to convey a pregnancy as it gives oxygen and supplements to the development and the improvement of the baby. Mifepristone works by repressing the progesterone hormone. The block of the progesterone hormone suppresses the supply of supplements and oxygen to the developing fetus.

How to take RU-486?


RU-486 contains 3 tablets of Mifepristone (200mg of every tablet). You have to take these tablets in a stepwise. On first day take 3 tablets of Mifepristone (each of the 3 as a single dose at one time) by means of the oral course with the assistance of adequate measure of water. You have to wait for 2 to 3 days. On a third day consult a doctor or visit your close-by hospital for the checkup of complete end of pregnancy with the assistance of ultrasound.


If pregnancy is not success then you are instructed to take 2 tablets with respect to Misoprostol (200mcg) orally or vaginally at once and stay for 14 days. Then again consult a doctor for the affirmation of end of undesirable pregnancy.

Side effects of RU-486:


While utilizing RU-486 it might bring about some mellow to extreme reactions, for example, sluggishness, stomach cramping, sickness, torment, cerebral pain, fair skin, indigestion, stomach torment, spewing, substantial draining which is more excruciating than the typical that occur amid your menstrual cycle.

Precautions and warnings!!

  • Do not take if you have kidney, liver, heart disease.
  • Do not take RU-486 in ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that is outside the womb).
  • Do not take alcohol and avoid driving after taking medication.
  • Take healthy and nutritious food for early recovery.
  • Avoid in the case of allergic reactions.   

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Author: James Smith

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