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Quash Your Painful Muscle Condition By Using Soma

10/14/16  |  Pain Relief

Skeletal muscles are linked with tendons to bone, that are used for locomotion. Our body is made up of many muscle fibers each in conjunction with other help in bodily functions. Any disruption in muscle fiber will cause painful cramps and soreness. Each one of us has different locomotion pattern. Small children can run. On another hand, older people walk slowly. However, muscle cramp can affect any age group. Imagine you had drunk a lot one night and you were so nauseated that you stumped to your car. You were affected with a muscle cramp. At first, you will not be able to notice the painful sensations, after a day the pain will catch you such that you would be able to perform your daily tasks.

You might have seen many times when you walk or move towards your bed, your leg is stumped with the bed or sometimes your arm strokes with the door. Imagine that pain which makes you cry a lot. Your muscle stiffness could make you unable to perform your daily tasks. Soma is the best remedy for all of your painful muscle conditions. Many of us are so lazy that we do not perform any physical activity. After a long gap, a sudden vigorous exercise will trench down your muscles. In severe of severe muscle cramps rely on Soma for effective muscle pain relief.



Soma is the fast-acting muscle relaxant. Soma (Carisoprodol) breaks off the pain stimulus moving from the site of pain towards the brain. It is useful for muscle pain with mild exercises and rest. You can get relief from your muscle pain or spasm at once with intake of Soma.


You should take Soma 350 mg three times in a day or 500 mg two times per day or at bedtime. Consume it with a good quantity of water. You can consume it up to two to three weeks depending on your severity of muscle pain. The maximum dose can be taken up to 1400 mg in three/four divided dose. Do not take an excess of medicines to make up for the previous one missed dose.



  • You might observe withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it suddenly after a long time.
  • Soma should not be given to patients who have a history of drug abuse.
  • Soma causes mild dizziness, so restrict consuming alcohol along with it.
  • Soma should not be given to patients below 12 years.    
  • Make sure to let your doctor know if you have epilepsy, or liver/kidney disorder.
  • Keep this medication in the secure zone away from children.
  • Avoid sleeping pills, narcotic medications, or cold medicines as they may induce sleepiness in patients.     


Soma side effects you should be careful of are as:

  • Drowsiness, dizziness, insomnia
  • Fainting, loss of coordination
  • Vision loss, agitation, irritable feeling
  • Extreme weakness, seizure
  • Tremor, headache, fainting
  • Blurred vision, confusion
  • Nausea, vomiting, depression


Author: James Smith

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