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Precautions, applied before using Optivar Eye Drops

1/31/17  |  Eye Care

Caring eyes is essential and at the same time critical job to do. Seasonal change generally impacts our eyes making them itchy or runny. That’s why it is important that you should pay extra caution especially in the seasonal change times of year when it comes to caring eyes. One of the common issues faced is allergic conjunctivitis that makes your eyes to become itchy. It may develop due to allergies or you may get an infection from other infected person. In both case, you have to bear with intolerable itchiness in the eye. To handle such kinds of eye allergies you can use optivar drops. This eye solution contains Azelastine as active content which belongs to the family of antihistamines medicines. To provide relief to the allergic conjunctivitis patient, it works to stop natural substances called histamines. The histamines are responsible for developing allergic symptoms in the patient.

As you know every medicine comes with some risks and to ensure lesser exposure to the adverse effects, it is necessary that you should use medication with caution. Some of the important precautions that can help you to proper use Optivar generic drops are included here:

  • As this medicine treats redness and itchiness due to the allergic response that doesn’t mean you can use it anytime you got such symptoms. Make sure that you don’t miss use it for treating redness and irritation developed due to wearing contact lenses.

  • To get proper guideline for safe use, you may consider taking medical consultation. Generally, the how to use Optivar ophthalmic guideline include twice daily application.

  • As hygiene is must when you apply eye drops so make sure to wash hands every time before application. Additionally, to avoid contamination of the solution, handle dropper tip carefully when you apply for medicine. Don’t let it get expose to any surface or even with your eye.

  • If you wear contact lenses then remember to remove them before using eye drops carefully. It is better to wait for a couple of minutes before you replace contact lenses.

  • For applying the solution to your eye, tilt your head back or rest it on a pillow, look upward and gently pull down eyelid to make a shape of a pouch. Now you can put the medicine with the help of dropper as scheduled by your doctor. It is better to close your eyes and rest for few minutes after putting medicine. If you are having an infection in the other eye too then apply the medication in it as well according to the same procedure detailed above.

  • Don’t forget to keep a difference of at least ten to fifteen minutes if you have to use any other eye medication or ointments. It is better to use eye drops first and ointment after so that drops can enter the eye easily. Take full advice for safe use and contraindications from your doctor before using two eye medicines simultaneously.

  • It is better to use the medication in the recommended quantity and as per predefined schedule to ensure maximum benefits from using Optivar.  
Author: James Smith

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