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Get Back Eyelash Growth with Careprost (Bimatoprost) Eye Drops

8/30/17  |  Eye Care

Is there any remedy that can give me back lost growth of eyelashes? Will it be possible for me to flaunt fuller eyelashes ever again? Patients surviving cancer like the vital disease with the use of chemotherapy treatment can lose the growth of eyelash hair completely. Left with no option other than putting lots of cosmetics to fill up eyelashes, those people can only wonder to get back their old days. Well, not exactly! Yes, they can get back growth in their eyelashes with the use of Careprost eye drop. This eyelash the growth serum bestows natural looking longer, denser and voluminous lashes. It is in practice as a prescription beauty product to cater needs of patients who have lost hair growth due to any medical condition. More upon it, Careprost eye drops are also prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma like typical eye diseases.


Not only people buy Careprost drops as a prescription medication but it has the large volume of users who are taking it as a beauty product also. Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is developed for treating eye conditions and during use; eyelash growth is reported as the side effect of it.

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Later scientific research has supported Careprost identity as a beauty product. The proven effectiveness of the product has earned it the name and fame as a wonder product to achieve fuller, longer and thicker eyelashes and that too at a cheaper price than brand product Latisse. That’s also a plus point why you should choose to buy careprost cheap.

The details for safe use instructions that you should know prior choosing to buy careprost eye drop include:


  • It contains active ingredient Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%. If you have a history of allergies with Bimatoprost, try not to use it as you can get an allergic response.
  • You should apply a thin layer of the eyelash growth serum along with the lining of the lashes carefully with the help of an applicator. The applicator is generally supplied along with the pack of Careprost eye drops medicine.
  • Following application, you should remove the excess liquid spread over the facial area.
  • Never share your eye growth serum or applicator with anyone.
  • Commonly it is used at night time after wiping off all cosmetics from eyes.
  • The results may take two to three months to be visible. So, don’t lose patience and keep using the product as per instructions. Also, get directions from the prescriber for continuing medication once you reach to the desired results in lash growth. A complete drop of medication instantly can revert to the previous state and you will be back to square one.
  • You may also get side effects like redness or discomfort in an eye, itching, dry or watery eyes, or puffy eyelids while using the product. Get the consultation from your prescriber in such case before you continue Careprost for eyelash growth.
  • You can easily choose to buy Careprost from the USA, once you get the prescription for using it. The online supplies may take time to reach you but surely saves lots of money as you are offered with competitive prices. Just make sure to order Careprost in advance supplies so that you don’t run out of the product.



Author: James Smith

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