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Facts You should know About Soma 500mg – An Effective Pain Killer

2/27/17  |  Pain Relief

The easy availability of Soma 500mg or Carisoprodol especially via internet pharmacies has contributed to making it a popular choice in the segment of muscle relaxants. Soma carisoprodol 500mg is a reliable medication to relieve pain from muscle injuries and spasms, here is the quick summary of all you would like to know about it:

•    Pain O Soma or Generic Carisoprodol is an FDA approved indication for the variety of acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions that causes discomfort in the body. Generally, it is used in combination with rest, physical exercises, and other measures to provide relief to the patient.

•    This potent muscle relaxant is widely trusted for relieving lower back pain problem. It helps to relieve stiffness of the muscles, increase movement, and thereby progress to provide general improvement.

•    Chemically Soma is two drugs in one packing. Yes, the first as one is carisoprodol which we all know as the generic name of this muscle relaxant. And, as it dissolves in a body after intake it breaks down in a completely different drug meprobamate. Meprobamate is a type of mild tranquilizer.

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•    The exact working of Carisoprodol to relax a tense muscle is still not confirmed. However, this muscle relaxant does not directly work on the tense skeletal muscles. The significant role of Meprobamate in relaxing tense muscle is discovered in various researches.


•    The major advantages of Carisoprodol or pain o soma 500 mg include its effectiveness as a muscle relaxant to relieve painful muscles and the easy availability to order pain o soma 500mg at the relatively inexpensive price.

•    The tablets are easy to be consumed. With few sips of water, a patient can easily swallow the Generic Carisoprodol pills. The pills can be taken without respect of food. Though, prefer to take these pills with milk to avoid stomach upset.

•    The frequency of use per day or dosage of Soma depends on the severity of patient’s condition. Most often, three times a day is indicated followed by proper rest.

•    Taking rest after Soma will help you avoid minor side effects associated with it such as drowsiness. Better to avoid potentially hazardous tasks or activities that require mental alertness just after medication.

•    To make your prescription successful, avoid soma contraindications and gain targeted benefits from the treatment it is important that you follow all the directions of your prescription carefully.

•    Taking Soma 350mg longer than recommended duration can increase chances of drug dependency and addiction. To avoid any such complications avoid taking Soma with alcohol, diazepam or any other muscle relaxant.

•    Before you buy carisoprodol drugs online, it is necessary to discuss the health of your kidney and liver with your healthcare provider. If you have suffered any type of drug abuse in past, take all necessary precautionary steps before starting any medication.

•    Carisoprodol is not safe to be indicated in pregnant females. So, if you are planning for the family or you conceive during treatment with it, consult your doctor right away.

•    The trends have shown Soma association with drug abuse in many cases. Therefore, it is important that you should not share your medication with anyone.

•    To properly store your medication, you should follow the instructions printed on the strip. Place your medicine in a moisture free place, away from direct sun light and heat. Keeping your medication out of the reach of children is also necessary.


Author: James Smith

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