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Facilitate the Health of Your Eyes with Careprost Eye Drops

11/24/16  |  Eye Care

About Careprost eye drops

Careprost is an ophthalmic preparation. It is made up of Bimatoprost as its dynamic ingredient. Careprost is used in the treatment disorder of eyes like as ocular hypertension, hypotrichosis and glaucoma. It reduces the danger of blindness. It is also intended for making your eyelashes beautiful and dark haired.


Disorders of eyes treated by Careprost eye drops

Ocular hypertension- this is a state in which the intraocular pressure rises in the eyes. This pressure rises due to the various reasons such as; less activity of natural prostaglandin found in the eyes, by physical factors and may be by injury.


Glaucoma- regular and rapid increment in the intraocular pressure of eyes results towards glaucoma. In this the optic nerve destruct by high ocular pressure and this leads to the blindness.


Hypotrichosis- everyone wants beautiful eyes and this will achieve only by making your eyelashes beautiful. But due to some factors such as prostaglandin level the eyelashes grow lighter and there is a deficiency of hairs in eyelashes, this is termed as hypotrichosis.


How Careprost is used in the treatment of eye disorders

Careprost is made up of Bimatoprost which is similar to natural prostaglandin present in the eyes. Bimatoprost resembles with prostaglandin in its functioning or we can say that Bimatoprost is synthetic prostaglandin. It treats the disorders by decreasing the intraocular pressure in the eyes. It enhances the fluid amount so that intraocular pressure decreased down. After decreasing the ocular pressure it also reduces the extra fluid present in the eyes and reduces the threats of glaucoma.


How you should use this eye drop

It is a sterile preparation so use it with caution. You should administer this drug with directly by the dropper and by the sterile applicator in case of hypotrichosis.


For glaucoma and ocular hypertension, you should instill one drop of this eye drop in your affected eye. It should be used only once in a day, more preferably in the evening.


For hypotrichosis place one drop of this eye drop on sterile applicator and apply it at the base of eyelash. It should be used in the evening or at night only. You should use this drug about 12 -16 weeks for obtaining a beautiful and dark eyelash.


Who cannot use this Careprost eye drops

Some individual due to various reasons are more prone to the harmful effects of Careprost eye drops, as it is contraindicated in some individuals. Therefore, these individual should not use this medication. They are individuals who are more prone to its hypersensitive reactions or who are allergic to Bimatoprost, individuals who are suffering from severe eye infection and an eye injury and individuals who are not more than 16 years of age.


There are some precautions which should followed by individual before using this eye drop, such as

  • You should not touch the dropper by finger and at any surface, as it is sterile eye preparation and contamination may occur.
  • An individual should remove contact lenses before administration of this eye drop.
  • It should be used with extra care in case you are suffering from a heart disorder.
  • Wash your hand properly before using this eye drop.
  • Avoid driving after administration of this drug, as it may cause dizziness and blurred vision.
  • In case of lactation and pregnancy, it should be taken with extra caution.

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Author: James Smith

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