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Efudex: The Best Treatment for Certain Skin Conditions

1/25/17  |  Skin Care

When it comes to caring your skin, there are multiple cosmetics and skin care products available in the market. An evolutionary medicine that has given excellent results in dealing with Actinic keratoses.(a pre-cancerous skin condition) is Efudex. Doctors prescribe Efudex generic as an effective anti-cancer chemotherapy drug. You can also find this medicine listed under antineoplastic or cytotoxic medicine. This topical solution comes under antimetabolite class of medicines. As cleared that this medication contributes in dealing with skin cancer like typical health conditions, therefore users should not use it without taking proper medical consultation.


If your prescription includes and you want to buy Efudex, you should consider all the necessary precautions before using it. The most important thing that you should keep in mind at the time of applying this topical solution is you have to apply just a thin coating or layer to the affected skin lesions carefully. Don’t put the heavy layer of cream on the skin as you may have to continue treatment with Efudex for several weeks. Carefully clean all the medicine part that has been spread on the skin that is clear with cancer as it may irritate skin.  At the time of applying solution use the tip of the nonmetal applicator or use figure tips and gently apply the solution, don’t rub it. If you have to apply Efudex cream around sensitive areas of skin such as around eyes, nose or mouth, pay extra caution. Remember to clean your hands thoroughly just after using it. When applying the solution keep in mind the dose recommended by your prescriber and number of frequency for each day. Dose and schedule both depend on the condition of your skin and cancer type.



You can buy Efudex online as well as e purchase of medicine gives you many options to compare prices. However, keep in mind that you make your order to a trusted pharmacy supplier. Undeniably, this medication has been providing effective results in dealing with the variety of skin cancer but the risk of getting side effects can’t be denied completely. You may complete your medication without getting any side effects but if you experience pain, itching, burning, irritation, or inflammation like symptoms after using Efudex, consult your doctor right away. Generally, this type of symptoms wipes out as you complete your medication. In rare care, some people have reported severe kind of adverse reactions such as discoloration of the skin or increased sensitivity to sunlight. These adverse effects can affect the expected results from medication with Efudex. You should immediately consult your prescriber if any of the above-listed issues are notices after using Efudex.


General issues such as dryness, swelling, tenderness at the site of skin where you apply Efudex are common and you don’t have to worry about these. As you will continue using medication these side effects will gradually vanish. Keeping the sensitivity and criticality of medication with Efudex in mind, you should tell your doctor about all mediations in use before start using it. Also, be caution before applying cosmetics or other skin products on the affected area of skin where you are using Efudex solution.  

Author: James Smith

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