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Careprost Eye Drops: Valuable Way to get Ravishing Eyelashes

8/26/16  |  Eye Care

We frequently hear women chatting about their attractiveness and the goods they are applying to improve their look. At that time, we also get to know about their eyes and the eyelashes that not only enhance their facial loveliness but also their overall look. Many of woman  get upset with thin eyelashes and want to make them thicker and darker at any cost. To get beautiful eyelashes, there are many women who use artificial eyelashes or other harmful chemicals like mascara which give instant long eyelashes but with time give up eye untidy look.


This dilemma of shorter eyelashes is most common and can be treated by using Careprost eye drops. There are a various number of reasons responsible for this problem of shorter eyelashes such as alopecia, psychological problem, underactive thyroid problem, dermatological problem, allergic reaction to any makeup or by the chemotherapy treatment during cancer. Careprost is Amazing medicament to get long and gorgeous eyelashes.

Understanding about Careprost- Careprost eye drop is an ophthalmic solution which is used to treat Hypotrichosis, a condition in which an individual have thin and fewer eyelashes. Seeing as Careprost is obtainable with some brush or applicator. These are also known as Careprost brush.

Working of Careprost- Careprost eye drop embraced with active pharmaceutical ingredient contains 0.03% Bimatoprost a prostaglandin analogue, which by delaying the anagen phase and enhancing the level of melanin pigment which darkens the eyelash and shows amazing growth of the eyelash.

How to use Careprost eye drop?

Before applying read out the complete instruction mention on the leaflet. As we have to apply a layer of Careprost, you should have to apply it with the applicator which comes in the pack. You have to clean up your hand and face properly and have to leave it for 15 minutes and wait for the face to get out dried completely after that take a pea sized drop of Careprost on the applicator and spread it out on the upper eyelid in the form of a layer. you don't have to apply it on Lower eyelid as it gets automatically applied on it when you blink. Now tilt down your neck on the backward side and close your eyes for 2 minutes after that wipe out extra drops with tissue paper. For the effective use apply it daily at the same time most preferably at bedtime. You may see best and effective results within 3 weeks. Avoid contact with any other area on the face as it may lead to unwanted hair growth.

Preventive actions: There are some precautionary measures to be kept in mind while using Careprost ophthalmic solution such as; in hypersensitivity reactions to Bimatoprost; any previous history of eye surgery; cardiac disorders and liver or kidney damage issues; remove the contact lenses and spectacles before using this medication; this medication can cause watery eyes so avoid driving or operating any machinery that requires your alertness; do not use the medication more than once a day.

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Author: James Smith

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