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Boost the Growth of Eyelashes with Careprost(Bimatoprost) Solution

3/30/17  |  Eye Care

Not a single time you miss you to wear make-up, especially eye make-up when you are ready to go out. That’s because eyes are the one key feature that highlights your persona. However, doing a right look for eyes is not so easy and when you struggle to give a look with darker eyelashes then it becomes more of a time taking the task. What if you can have darker, heavier eyelashes naturally? Thinking about a look of your favorite cine star? Yes, you can also have that stunning look with Careprost eye drops. The careprost solution can help in growing eyelashes naturally and make your eyes beautiful forever with continuous use. No one will ever complain you about keeping him waiting as you will always be in so good look with those mesmerizing eyes. The complete solution for beautifying your eyes is Careprost. So, let’s get an overview of this magical beauty cum medicine that can provide eyelashes that are denser and thicker.

Careprost(Bimatoprost) Online

Careprost or Latisse eye drops is a medicine that contains Bimatoprost 0.03% as an active ingredient. The active content of the medicine works as prostaglandin analog that acts to promote growth in anagen phase in the life cycle of eyelash hair in two ways. In the first step the chemical properties of Bimatoprost improve the length of an eyelash and in the second step it works to elevate the number of hair during the growth phase of the eyelash. As a result of these two procedures gradually you will start to notice growth in eyelashes during first four weeks. Though, you have to wait until 16th week to completely observe the visible improvement in overall eyelashes.

To get the best results you should start taking this Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 careprost in direction of a medical expert. You have to follow the dosage regimen of Careprost eye drops as per prescription to enjoy desired results. Keep the followings precautions at your tips while using the solution:

•    Prior applying the drops don’t forget to clean your hands.

•    On the applicator provided with the solution, drop solution on the tip.

•    Steadily apply the solution with the help of applicator on the required areas of the eyelashes.

•    Keep eyes closed for a couple of minutes and relax. It will help to spread solution on the lower eyelashes as well.

•    Remove all the spill-over solution with help of a tissue paper.

It is best to use this solution in the night hours after putting off all the make-up from your face. You can also clean your face with any mild cleanser. Also, make sure before applying this medicine for any health benefits that you are not hypersensitive with any of the active or inactive part of its contents. If you are using contact lenses then you have to pay more attention to the proper use instructions. As per the user manual, you have to keep a difference of quarter hour before and after applying Careprost solution and wearing contact lenses. To conclude, with Careprost solution it’s easy to have naturally grown longer, denser eyelashes. It’s a booster for the growth of eyelashes!

Author: James Smith

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