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Are Abortion Pills(RU486) Suitable and Safe for me?

3/23/17  |  Women Health

So your pregnancy test kit has given you the alarm to get ready to welcome a baby! But, does really you feel like the baby on board? If not, this is the right time to make a decision whether you want to continue a pregnancy or turn around that one missed protection night. No one can force you to continue the pregnancy if you are not prepared for it and sooner you come to the decision the easier is the ways to conduct the abortion. Yes, you can make an abortion at home as well! Though, medicinal abortion will not be so convenient and easy as it is advertised but way more relaxing than clinical abortion.

Ru486 like easy pills are available in the market that can help you to induce abortion and close the unwanted chapter of pregnancy.

However, before you get influenced by the fake advertizing about how convenient is to use abortion pills such as RU486 for abortion, you should collect few crucial information about medical abortion and its safety.  At first, know whether you are eligible to use abortion pills or not as these pills can only provide desired and safe results when pregnancy is young.

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Generally, most of the abortion pills including Ru486 are only valid to use in that pregnancy which are not crossed the age of seven weeks.

After verifying the age eligibility to use abortion pills you may be wondering what actually a Medical Abortion is? In the medical literature, medical abortion is defined as a way of discontinuing pregnancy in which artificial miscarriage is induced in a patient using a combination of pills.

Mostly, mifepristone (known as RU486 in the US) tablets are used to induce abortion. You will be more convinced to use an RU486 kit as it is also an approved medication for abortion by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). You can take abortion pills to safely abort an unwanted episode of pregnancy in direction of a medical expert. Yes, you should use this medication only after having the proper consultation with your doctor. So, don’t get mislead with attention grabbing quotes like ‘conduct abortion at home conveniently by using XYZ pills’. Indeed, an influential marketing line to grab attention but not justified in terms of health and safety!

Conducting an abortion is not as easy as it is bogusly marketed in real life. You have to be ready to face continual bleeding along with abdominal contractions.

Also, be quick to notice any unusual symptoms that are not underlined by your prescriber. Rush to your medical services if bleeding continues for more than a couple of days.  RU486 kit is also not a good buying option for you if you are having any of the following health conditions:

  • The position of pregnancy is not confirmed. It means to get the abortion done with RU486, your pregnancy should be inter-uterine or normal.
  • The age of pregnancy has passed 7 weeks where you have to start counting the age of pregnancy from the first day of last month’s cycle
  • If you have history of serious issues related to vital organs such as heart, liver, or kidney or you have or had blood clotting disorders or HIV-like typical health conditions
  • If you have history of hypersensitivity responses with mifepristone
Author: James Smith

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