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Psychosis is known as a severe mental illness that is characterized by emotions and thoughts that are impaired. It is similar to the state where a person lost contact with the reality. People who face psychosis have fake thoughts i.e. delusions and see and hear those things which are present or occurring (hallucination).

Out of every 100, 3 people are affected by psychosis. It is more likely to affect younger adults and these people with tend to hurt themselves or even others. It is caused by severe reasons that include chromosomal disorder, syphilis, Huntington’s disease, brain diseases like as Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, some types of epilepsy, stroke, HIV, cysts, etc. Environmental factors include the use of illegal drugs, excess use of alcohol and smoke, steroids, etc can lead to cause this harmful disorder. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder include withdrawal from family and friends, suspiciousness, anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, hallucinations, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts, delusions, etc.

Psychosis can be easily diagnosed by keeping an eye on the patient’s behavior and by asking questions regarding what they are experiencing. Various medical tests and X-rays are used to determine the underlying illness. Effective treatment is done with the help of antipsychotics medications that include Haldol, Paliperidone, Risperdal, GeodonAbilify-AripiprazoleSolian, Zyprexa and Sibelium. These medications are very much helpful in reducing hallucinations and help the patient to think clear.




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