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Antibiotics help in combating bacterial infections which are caused by micro-organisms (invisible to the naked eye) called bacteria, present all around us. Many strains of bacteria are useful in our daily lives. There are also deadly strains of bacteria that cause bacterial infections (condition where a bacterium destroys cells and tissues and produces toxins harmful to the human body) urinary tract infection, tuberculosis, plague, cholera etc. Some bacteria that cause infections are E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, Mycobacterium, corny bacterium, etc.

Severe infections need to be treated with antibiotics. These Antibiotics cause the bacteria to stop multiplying or completely kill the bacteria by attacking and degenerating its cell wall. 

Anti-biotic medications like Minocycline, Biaxin, Ceftin, Cipro, Cleocin, Zithromax, Suprax, Sumycin, Pentids, Septilin, Rocephin, Tindamax, Omnicef, Sporanox, Garamycin, Metrogel, Keflex, Bactroban, Augmentin, Levaquin, Amoxil, Avelox, Tetracycline, Bactrim, Doxycycline, Eryc and Floxin are available on our portal to treat bacterial infections resoundingly.

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