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Gout is an inflammatory form of arthritis that affects the large toe (also other joints in the legs and arms sometimes), causing extremely severe and sudden bouts of swelling, pain, warmth, and redness. This happens when the amount of uric acid (kept balanced by urination and excretion) in the blood increases too much and forms a needle like structure that causes the painful condition. It affects more men normally, though menopausal women may get it too. The blood’s uric acid levels may increase due to high blood pressure, obesity, kidney malfunction, gender, age, etc.

Patients of gout exhibit the following symptoms on the affected areas: red and shiny skin; heat and pain; swelling; etc.

There are medications available on our portal that work by either enhancing the kidney’s ability to remove excess uric acid from the body or by suppressing the production of uric acid. These effective anti-gout medications are Zyloprim and Uloric.

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