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Anti Fibrotic


Fibrosis is the development of excess of fibrous connective tissue as a reparative reaction to any injury. The exaggerated deposition of tissue at the site of injury interferes with normal functioning of an organ. Various examples of Fibrosis are:

  • Pulmonary fibrosis: It is a condition which causes interstitial lung damage followed by fibrosis which causes loss of lung elasticity. Pulmonary fibrosis causes swelling of the alveoli or air sacs and interstitial tissues of the lungs. This conditions leads to various symptoms such as constant cough, chest pain, problematic breathing and fatigue.
  • Cardiac fibrosis: It affects the valves and muscles present in the heart, which leads to firm and less compliant valves and muscles of heart. It also increases the chances of heart failure.
  • Liver cirrhosis: It is a condition in which scar tissues and nodules replace the liver tissue and disturbs the functioning of liver. The condition occurs due to excessive intake of alcohol, fatty liver disease, hepatitis B and C.

To treat fibrosis, anti-fibrotic drugs are used which functions by reducing the cell proliferation of any tumorous cells in the body by aiming both the epidermal and fibroblast growth factors in these cells. Various anti- fibrotic medicines that are available on our online store are Pirfenex and Xarelto tablet. 

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