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Antiemetics or antinauseants are the drugs that treat the symptoms of nausea (an uneasy sensation in the upper abdomen) or vomiting (a spontaneous expulsion of gastric content orally). Nausea is an associated side effect of many medicines. It is also a symptom of conditions like viral infections, intense pain, early pregnancy, vertigo, motion sickness, anxiety, stress, poisoning, etc. It is also caused when there is anything amiss with the brain, spinal fluid, inner ear, pelvic region and abdominal organs.

Generally, vomiting expels toxic substances from the digestive tract before they can be absorbed into the blood stream. But heavy nausea/vomiting can be very harmful. Antiemetics prevent further vomiting by working in one of two ways: some increase rate of food absorption in the digestive tract and others help by suppressing/blocking the brain’s nausea/vomit signals.

Antiemetics like Vertin, Motilium & Zofran, available on our portal, treat nausea effectively.


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