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Convulsions are the mental disorder ailment that occurs due to abnormal and involuntary muscle contractions usually seen with certain seizure disorders. During convulsions, patient's body rapidly shakes in an uncontrolled manner. In convulsions, the body of patients contract and relax in a repeated way.  Convulsions can be used in conjunction of seizures. All types of seizures are caused by disordered and rapid electrical action in the brain. Convulsions are the consequences of alcohol use, brain illness, or injury, electric shock, poisoning, stroke, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, or any other factor. Various symptoms of convulsions are eye movements, sudden falling, temporary cut off breathing, concise blackouts, anxiety, nausea, visual symptoms, or any other. Seizures are many types and thus the treatment depends on the patient's condition.

These symptoms and disorder of convulsion can be treated with the use if anticonvulsant medicines that are also known as anti-epileptics and anti-seizures. Anticonvulsant medicines aid in reducing and preventing the number and intensity of seizures in different types of epilepsy. Various types of anticonvulsants are present that works on different kinds of receptors in the brain with the different mechanism of action. Two sorts of mechanisms by which anti-convulsant drugs act are-

  • Enhancement of GABA activity and inhibition of sodium channel activity
  • Inhibition of calcium channels and glutamate receptors

Anti-convulsant drugs are available in different strengths of various generics marketed in different brands. Lyrica, Phenytoin, Lamictal is some of the well-known medicines for treating the condition and symptoms of convulsions or seizures. Some recognized generics for treating convulsions, epilepsy, or seizures include, Pregabalin, Clonazepam, Sodium valproate, Topiramate and much more. 

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